Landscape Photography Workshops conducted throughout the American West


Welcome to my Landscape Photography Workshops program. I have been conducting landscape workshops continuously

since 1994. During that time I have had the pleasure to welcome more than 1,500 fellow photographers to some of the 

most exciting locations in the American West and beyond with great diversity in the landscape. My intimate

knowledge of the areas that we visit are unparalleled. As a working professional landscape photographer I offer my

clients a great learning experience with like-minded photographers in a friendly and relaxed manner. Many of them have

attended numerous varied workshops over the years. We hope to see you on one in the not to distant future!

We have provided downloadable PDF brochures for each of our workshops for your viewing pleasure.

Advanced notice
Yellowstone in Winter 2014
Yellowstone in Winter Workshop
Yosemite in winter
Yosemite in Winter Workshop
Death Valley Workshop
Symphony in Stone 2015
Symphony in Stone Workshop
Yellowstoneand the Grand Teton 2015
Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons